Dong Han Qigong / 東翰气功

What is Dong Han Daoist Qigong?

= In ancient times, Qigong was the secret of immortality and enlightenment that scholars and martial artists practiced to maximize their physical and spiritual capacity. With its theoretical foundation in oriental medicine and cosmology, qigong is still one of the most efficient and powerful methods to increase one’s physical and mental energy level. Dong Han Daoist Qigong is a unique style of qigong that has been handed down from Dong Han lineage for thousands of years. It is excellent exercise for any types of athletes or practitioners in any medical field who want to improve their health and transform their mind and body.

Dong Han Daoist Qigong Postures
= There are hundreds of postures in Dong Han Qigong. Among them, the main 28 postures are selected for their exceptional potency and benefits. Unlike many other forms of yoga or qigong, Dong Han Daoist Qigong requires practitioners to hold the posture for a long time to pressurizing the energy that flows through Twelve Meridians (십이경락) and Eight Psychic Channel (기경팔맥). This method encourages practitioners to build proper structures and forms, allowing them to stand the postures longer to create and store more energy in their body.

Medicinal benefits of Dong Han Daoist Qigong
= Dong Han Daoist Qigong postures are designed in perfect accordance with the law of physics and physiological structure of human mind and body.

Medical benefits of Dong Han Qigong:

  • Stimulates growth for children and teenagers.
  • Regeneration of hormones and immune system.
  • Promotes re-adjustment of bone structure.
  • Joints, muscle ligament, and tendon is reinforced.
  • Strengthened nervous system broadens one’s capacity to handle higher level stress.
  • Boosts immune system by stimulating production of bone marrow.
  • Breathing becomes slower and deeper (more relaxed and controlled) and heart rate is lowered.
  • Drastically reinforces physical and mental endurance.
  • Calms and matures one’s mind.

Qigong for Medical professionals

= It is proven historically that Dong Han Qigong is an excellent healing method with exceptional health benefits. For this reason, Dong Han Qigong is an ideal next step for medical professionals who would like to explore and learn the science of ancient healing through Qigong.

  • Medical Doctors
  • Acupuncturists
  • Massage therapists
  • Chiropractic therapists
  • Yoga Instructors

Here are 28 basic Dong Han Qigong Postures (click to enlarge)

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