Daoist Internal Sword / 道家劍法

The Daoist Internal Sword is taught by the current patriarch Grandmaster Jiang Jing.

The philosophy of straight sword emphasizes the following:

– Sword as spiritual device to cut ignorance and create co-existence
– Sword as the symbol of thunderbolt that connects all dimensions together to create harmony

Therefore, the true concept of sword is not to cut one into two, but to cut two into one. Meaning, it was not merely a means to kill, but a way to create spiritual bonding between two people by eliminating the ignorance that bears misconception and egocentric ideals.

Some of the emphasized Internal Sword forms we practice:

  • 무당검 / Mu Dang Kum
  • 화산검 / Hwa San Kum
  • 소림검 / So Rim Kum
  • 팔괘검 / Pal Guae Kum
  • 곤륜검 / Gon Ryuen Kum
  • 태극검 / Tae Keuk Kum
  • 청평검 / Chung Pyung Kum
  • 음양검 / Um Yang Kum
  • 사검 / Sa Kum
  • 청룡검 / Chung Ryong Kum
  • 일점혈 / Yil Jum Hyul
  • 팔극검 / Pal Keuk Kum
  • 취검 / Chee Kum
  • 형이검 / Hyung E Kum
  • 매화검 / Mae Hwa Kum
  • 팔선검 /Pal Sun Kum
  • 백씨검 / Baek Ssi Kum