Contact Weapon / 劍士

Deadly Dance of Sword


What is Contact Weapon (World Swordsmenship Federation)?
= Contact Weapon is a revolutionary idea that was first introduced by Grandmaster Jiang Jing in 1980s. Having practiced swords for all his life, Grandmaster Jiang Jing hoped to share the fascinating ideals of swordsmanship with American martial arts community. However, sword training could often be dangerous because it involves a lot of actual sparring experience. If such sparring aspect is excluded from the curriculum, practitioners can only learn to pose certain style of sword forms, which is far from learning the true discipline of swordsmanship.

Then, Contact Weapon revolutionized everything.
With this soft weapon idea, it became the first and only weapon fighting system that could be practiced safely without compromising the intensity and speed of the actual sparring experience. Whether their motivation is to simply have fun, to release stresses, or to learn the true discipline of swordsmanship, people of all ages, sexes, and physical abilities can now practice swords to their hearts’ content.

Contact Weapon
There are three (3) types of Contact Weapons:
1. one handed sword
2. two handed sticks
3. a long staff

Each type of Contact Weapon is made of the following materials
1. Solid core (quality synthetic plastic material)
2. Shock-absorbing shell (quality synthetic plastic material)
3. Main compartment (foam material)
4. Fabric cover (extra resilient fabric used to build parachute)

What is Contact Weapon training like?
1. Comprehend and practice proper etiquette to show respect to instructors and co-practitioners.
2. Practitioner will choose a type of weapon with which he or she will train.
2. Learn the precise traditional forms for the chosen weapon style.
3. Join a team, practice together while building teamwork and friendship.
4. Practice sparring among the same team members.
5. Compete with other team members to test your progress.